Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live Blogging...

Ok, I'm going to blog as long as I can....

Uhm, thus far the Oscars are kind of a shit show...

Best Supporting Actress presentation is crazy. Kirk Douglas is a living legend... but who's idea was it for him to present that award? I'm not going to be a mean, hater so I will leave him alone. I'm glad Melissa Leo won because she really was the best but I think she might be crazy.

Thus far I'm not feeling James Franco and Anne Hatheway.... honestly thus far the show has been super awkward. If this is going to be the pace of the show all night.. I'm not going to make it through the whole show....

Ok, they are giving out awards that I'm not super committed to so I'm now going to tell you why I have officially decided to forgive Leonardo DiCaprio. If you reference a previous blog I wrote, you will find that I have beef with Leo DiCaprio for several reasons. Upon a second viewing of Inception, I have decided that it is time I put things to rest with Leo and move on. I still want him to do a comedy or something but its time I gave Leo a break and I am finally going to take him off my beef list.

Aside--uhm during the Toy Story 3 acceptance speech they panned to a dude from Pixar and his wife. Homegirls boobs were out there!

I must have missed something.. Why are Javier Bardem and Barbra Streisand's stepson wearing all white suits? What does that have to do with screenplays?

Yay! Aaron Sorkin won! Haha I loved "Roxy Sorkin, your dad just won an Academy Award. I'm going to have to demand some respect from your guinea pig!" I hope one day I do something awesome enough that I can demand that respect of people's pets...

I'm not going to lie. I'm sort of bored. I'm still not feeling Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I need a diet coke.

Best Supporting Actor! Christian Bale won! I totally forgot that he is British. Haha, I love that his acceptance speech totally turned into a commercial. I want people to drop more f bombs during their acceptance speeches like Melissa Leo. That would keep things more interesting.

Whoever would have thought that the guy from Nine Inch Nails would win an Oscar, right?

(All right, I'm not feeling this year's live show so I'm going to stop the live blogging... check back later this week where I play my own version of Fashion Police....)


  1. What?!? Quitter. I am feeling a lot of second hand embarrassment for Anne and Franco. Let me be the person to say it.... Why did they make Kirk Douglas present.? He made me uncomfortable in so many ways. It was like the scene in Never Been Kissed , when Josie gets egged.I had to leave the room I was so uncomfortable.

  2. I am a quitter but honestly this year's show is so blah, I just don't have that much to say. That is so what I wanted to say about Kirk Douglas! And that is an excellent analogy!